Prison Break Is NOT Finished (yet) – The Final Break

Posted May 19th, 2009 | 9 Comments


Since writing this article and thanks to assaf I learned that Sky 1 were not being entirely truthful in claiming the ‘Word Premiere’.

Because Prison Break – The Final Break was actually shown in Israel last night! (24th May). It is now available to download from the usual places.

Unfortunately it was not broadcast in HD so I will be waiting for Sky 1 to show it on Wednesday. But for everybody outside the UK or people not interested in waiting for the HD version grab it now!

* Original Post Below *

Yes that’s right. Prison Break is not finished! The double episode ‘Season Finale’ which aired on Sunday in the USA and tonight on Sky 1 in the UK is not the last episode.

Prison Break Season Finale

There is another double episode still to come!

For some reason Sky have been incredibly bad at advertising this in the UK. Less surprising that Fox have not mentioned it as they don’t have the rights to show it, so of course it’s in their interests to bill the penultimate episode as the ‘Season Finale’.

This blog post exists simply to avoid me repeating myself as I seem to be spokesperson the for Prison Break finale!


Let me explain, without ruining it for people that have yet to see tonights episode on Sky 1. The episode does what Prison Break does best and is actually by far the best in a pretty disappointing season IMO. The episode ends 4 years in the future with the death of a major character. But we have no idea how or why they died.

People who watched the ‘season finale’, did you not wonder what had happened? Not feel like you were missing a pretty vital part of the whole shows storyline? Considering it was supposedly the last episode ever?

The Final Break

Prison Break - The Final BreakLuckily the writers did and that’s why there is another double episode named ‘Prison Break – The Final Break’.

The Final Break fills in the gap between the end of real time and 4 years in the future where the last episode ends. So we get to see how what happens actually happened and why as well as tying up lots of loose ends for the other characters.

UK 1 – USA 0

The confusion has arisen because in the USA, Fox who usually air Prison Break don’t have the rights to show the last episode, instead it’s being released on DVD on July 21st. Presumably to milk a last bit of money from the Prison Break faithful.

Luckily for us UK people, Sky 1 is showing the final episode. Not only are they showing it but they have the world premiere of it!

Next Wednesday 27th May you can see the real season finale on Sky 1.

No doubt in a complete role reversal, next Thursday the whole of America will be downloading the Sky 1 version from various torrent sites!

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9 comments to “Prison Break Is NOT Finished (yet) – The Final Break”

  • assaf


    you got one thing wrong!!
    the world premiere is in Israel!! tonight! may 24

  • scott


    Don’t think they needed this episode really, spoiler ahead….

    The reason is explained in the final episode, Michaels nose bleeds, he still has the brain tumor so the operation on him was not successful

    It was a very sad ending to the show, but a great ending! Atleast we have a show that has a finished article.
    my favourite series of all time!

  • Shaun


    assaf: Thanks for the comment! Are you sure it’s on tonight? Sky definitely said they had the world premier! I hope if it is on in Israel tonight you have people that know how to rip and upload TV shows ;)

  • Shaun


    Thanks for the comment Scott.. I kind of agree with you but I think this extra 2 hours will provide a bit more insight into everything. Obviously the bleeding nose was a big clue that Michael was going to die but we still don’t know when and where. Did he see the birth of his child, what happened to Sarah etc…

    Not to mention some of the other plot twists we saw in the future setting such as T-Bag in Fox River.

  • syarif


    sorry for late getting info. So that mean Prison Break Is Finished = The Final Break or Prison Break is NOT Finished after The Final Break? thanks

  • Bongase


    I annoyed because of death of mickeal but i appreciate all thing he has done in prison break.i am so sorry again because he died even without living good live with sara.

  • Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • Muhammad Faisal


    I think the writers of PB need more time for Scofield’s fake death. Besides Scofield, it is a story of other interesting characters (i.e T-Bag, Gretchen, General) as well. These characters didn’t reach where they were in last episode of season 4. I strongly believe that this show is not finish yet.

  • jack


    he!the prison break wasn’t good im an engineer to but all that work for his brother’s freedom he didn’t do that then he never meet sara his brother will be dead and the company could be power full
    and micheal woodn’t be dead and he didn’t have the mj

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