iPhone 3G MMS Photo Messaging App (Finally)

Posted January 10th, 2009 | 7 Comments

The iPhone 3G is a fantastic phone, after trying the Google A1 and the Blackberry Storm i’m still in love with my iPhone. Not only does it look far better than other similar smart phones but it still has by far the best user interface and is a joy to use.


One of the few downsides to the iPhone though was the decision to leave out MMS Photo Messaging, as far as I’m aware, that decision has still never been explained by Apple!

Personally it hasn’t been that big of a deal for me not being able to send MMS but I know a lot of people really miss it. What did bother me though was receiving an MMS and having to log into o2′s crappy website to view it. On a revolutionary phone packed full of technology that just didn’t feel right.

App Store Saves The Day

Luckily, one of the BEST things about the iPhone is the App Store and specifically the quality of the app developing community. And thanks to one amazing developer we now have an iPhone 3G MMS App and it’s great!

MMS Photo Messaging – Review

MMS App The first thing I like about the App is it’s icon, it mimics the iPhones standard SMS icon, only red and with MMS in place of SMS. This is a nice touch, and they look great together on the homepage. If you didn’t know, it’s impossible to tell it’s an external App.

iPhone-esque Interface

The MMS App itself has a very simple iPhone style interface with your photo messages Inbox, Sent Items and Drafts at the top, and account information below. Then the usual iPhone ‘Create New Message’ icon at the bottom.

The first time you use the App you simply enter your phone number and o2 pin number. After that when you receive a new MMS simply enter your Inbox where you will see all of your photo messages, with any unread being marked with the usual blue spot.

Save, Reply and yes… Forward!

MMS AppThe size and quality of the photo display is far superior to the o2 website and you have more options available. You can easily save the image from the MMS to your phone, you can reply to the sender directly from the app and you can even forward the picture via MMS! (Could the developer please rewrite the SMS app for Apple ;) )

Sending MMS

So receiving photo messages is a joy, what about sending? Well that works great too but there is a minor downside which is the cost. Because this is a 3rd party app and nothing to do with either Apple or o2 you must purchase MMS Credits from the developer and they are a little more expensive than on regular contracts. Costs 38p each when you buy a minimum of 10, you can also buy in bulk of up to 75 MMS but the cost doesn’t decrease much really, 75 MMS will cost you £25.50 with is 34p each.

Personally, I think that this price is acceptable, considering the the App is completely free the developer has a right to earn some profit from a brilliant product which without we wouldn’t be able to send MMS at all.

Excellent Purchase System

MMS AppAlthough the credits are a little expensive the system is brilliant, your balance is displayed on the main screen, to purchase more you simple select how many you want to buy and are then taken to a PayPal screen. If you already have a PayPal account you just enter your email address and password and the credits are instantly added to your balance and you’re taken back to the MMS App. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can still purchase credits but obviously will need to fill in credit card and contact details.

Once you have credits you can either use an existing photo from your phone or take a new one with the camera and send to anybody exactly the same as if you were writing an email.

The App That Apple Forgot

In summary this is an amazing app, one that Apple should have included from the start but i’m very grateful to the developer for doing their job for them and don’t mind at all that he is making a premium on the cost of credits.

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7 comments to “iPhone 3G MMS Photo Messaging App (Finally)”

  • I agree I can’t believe apple left this app out, will download and let you know my thoughts!

  • robert


    when will it be a avaiable for the usa?

  • Shaun


    Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately the app is made by a small UK developer and he has no plans to release it in the USA, it would be impossible for him to do so without having access to the AT&T network.

    We can only hope that a US developer notices it and tries to develop a similar app themselves.

  • Kev


    Help! I can’t download it in Switzerland. This is the one thing that my old phone could do better. No MMS was a BIG mistake. Its the one thing that would stop me buying an iPhone next time. Are you listening Apple?

  • domett


    but i emailed Q2, they said the iphone can’t use MMS.
    and how to get the Q2 pin?

    Thank u!

  • Charlotte


    Thanks for the link, but I cant open it, I think there is a problem with my network connection.Thanks anyway.

  • Sanda Saffold


    Good post, thanx!

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