Listen To Radio On iPhone 3G? Wunder Radio App Review

Posted December 2nd, 2008 | 17 Comments

** Important update 2011 **

Since writing this article several new radio apps have appeared for iPhone & iPad. Whilst WunderRadio is still a great app, my current recommendation is TuneIn Radio.

Download TuneIn Radio

– Original article –

Wunder Radio allows you to listen to literally thousands of radio stations from your iPhone.

I came across this Wunderful (sorry) app when the battery in my DAB radio died whilst I was out, I wondered whether it was possible to listen to the live streams from BBC Radio via Safari on the iPhone. Which of course it isn’t as they are streaming Real Media and we can’t install Real Player on our iPhones (which can only really be a good thing!)WunderRadio

App Store To The Rescue

So the next place I looked was of course the App Store where I found a variety of apps claiming to do what I required. There were many free apps but they either didn’t work at all or were very fiddly and difficult to use. Also many of them didn’t contain BBC Radio Five Live which is one of the main stations I want to be able to access.

Wunder Radio Just Works

Wunder Radio is different. It really ‘just works’. It’s got thousands of radio stations available – both national & local from every corner of the globe and everyone I tried¬† worked perfectly. The app itself has a simple, easy to use, traditional iPhone interface.

It lets you search for specific radio stations, browse by location (country/city) or genre (Sports, Talk, Music etc…) or even find local radio stations based on your current GPS position.

Fast & Reliable

WunderRadioI’ve tested WunderRadio with all national BBC Radio stations as well as TalkSport, XFM and a number of my local radio stations and i’ve hugely impressed with the results. Over Wi-Fi & 3G the quality is perfect, with Edge there were a couple of random ‘re-buffering’ moments but nothing too serious, it was still perfectly acceptable and certainly beats carrying a radio around at all times.

After the usefulness of turning my iPhone into a replacement radio, I also had lots of fun listening to local radio stations from such places as New York, Florida & Mexico.

Download Wunder Radio

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17 comments to “Listen To Radio On iPhone 3G? Wunder Radio App Review”

  • Tom Sinclair


    Great find! Nice little review and I’ll definitely be purchasing this, always wanted Radio1/5Live on my iPhone but needed Real like you’ve said.
    Glad someone has made a decent app now!

  • cleandemon


    Brilliant. I had a look for a decent radio app a while ago and found nothing, so this looks like just the job.

  • GEM


    Great app, worth the price hands down. Beware, this will DRAIN your battery! I repeat, this will DRAIN your battery. I would not use this without an external power source.

  • iphone


    Thanks. Makes a change to find a radio app that does what it says it will.

  • Electrostatic57


    Streams Radio 4 live perfectly – brilliant!!

  • Tone


    Great – just what I needed!

  • Manuel Mendoza


    AWESOME app. I was able to listen radio in my i phone from all over the world, and I don’t even have WI FI or 3G in this side of town. Great work team!

  • woo


    ooTunes Radio also has many of those streams, and it’s easy to email them to add more. Even better, when used with the ooTunes Media Server (which admittedly is a bit pricey at $20) you can listen to stuff in the background (that is close the app completely, the stream opens up in Safari and then you can go run other apps, check your mail, etc.) It also has a webbrowser built in so even without the server you can check your mail, etc.

  • Shaun


    Thanks for your suggestions woo, I will be sure to check it out. I definitely like the idea of listening in the background!

  • Iron Arm


    What about the bandwidth it uses? I only get 500 MB a month

  • claudia


    I am considering getting an Iphone, but for me being able to listen to the radio is very important, so I’m pleased I’ve come across this post… however, and forgive me if it’s a stupid question, could anyone tell me whether Wunder Radio would be free- ie, both to download the application and then listen to the radio?
    Also, and this is not totally related, if I get a basic contract, is surfing on the net (outside of a wi-fi area) 1) free, or 2) included on the minutes I get with my contract, or 3) extra?
    Sorry for being dumb- but I do hope someone can help

  • Shaun


    Hi Claudia

    WunderRadio is a paid app but it does only cost around ¬£3, if you listen to the radio it’s worth every penny!

    It doesn’t cost anything to use even out of Wi-Fi areas as all iPhone o2 contracts include unlimited data so all internet is free.

  • jonnyf


    Does anyone know how to get WunderRadio to default to the 3G connection – at the moment I switch on at home, and it uses the wi-fi, and as soon as I get away from my front door it cuts out and I have to start again. There must be a way to do it without switching the wi-fi off before starting Wunder Radio, then switching wi-fi back on again!

  • shawn


    hi this is shawn from Jamaica i just bought an iphone from somebody and i am thinking of setting up an internet account with Claro Jamaica. i would like to know what are some of the more useful apps i can download for it and also could i get the names of some useful sites where i could get free apps for it including movies, music videos and music.


  • shawn


    Forget to mention it is an Iphone 3g phone

  • Anastasiya


    Is enyone knows if I can listen to the Internet radio on the iPhone 3G? Being specific, Internet Russian Radio? Thanks.

  • bernardus


    RadioStation heeft meer dan 150 van meest bekende nederlandse radiozenders en is gratis te downloaden tot 8 Augustus! ik raad de applicatie zeker aan want het is wel een download waard.

    Binnen enkele clicks kunt u tussen de verschillende radio stations door navigeren, laad eenmalig en werkt perfect daarna!

    Haal de app snel van de appstore! :)

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