iPhone Alarm Problem 2011 – WARNING + How To Fix

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iPhone Alarm ProblemA word of warning to anybody that relies on their iPhone as an alarm clock.

It seems that following the iPhone alarm bug a few months ago the turn of the year has brought more craziness to the iPhone alarm, there were several reports on Twitter last night from countries that had already welcomed in 2011 of iPhone alarms not going off when they should which were repeated this morning from Europe and presumably reports from America & Canada will surface soon.

How To Fix iPhone Alarm Bug

Further investigations have shown that the problem thankfully only occurs with one-off alarms. Meaning that if you set the alarm to recur it will still work. Not an ideal solution but at least we can set alarms that we can rely on until Apple release a bug fix for one off alarms.

o2 Tariffs for iPhone 4 – No Unlimited Data!

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Following the iPhone 4 announcement last week and the news that 2 weeks today the phone will be available all we need to know is how much it will cost.

Apple have not yet released UK prices but with prices at $199 (16gb) and $299 (32gb) UK prices of £150 and £250 seem a good bet.

Bad News

When it comes to contracts, o2 have just announced their new… Continue reading

iPhone OS 4.0 – My First Month

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Being an Apple geek and incredibly impatient too, as soon as I’d finished watching the keynote from the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 event in April I just HAD to try the new OS. There was no way I could wait until ‘Summer’ when it is officially released. So I immediately registered with Apple as a developer and gained access to the early beta versions of the new OS. Here’s my… Continue reading

What Is iPad?

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Check out this second new iPad commercial, very different style to the first (and most Apple ads) with the white background.

Click here for more information

Apple iPad UK Prices Released

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After waiting patiently (and painfully) for weeks whilst America was buying all of Apple’s supply of iPads we are now just days away from being able to pre-order them here in the UK.

Pre-release day is this Monday 10th May and Apple have just released details of the release date and pricing structure.

The iPad will be released in the UK on May 28th, 2010.

iPad UK Prices

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

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If You Love The Killers, You Need To See This!

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3344021378_1cc3d99afdThe video below is quite possibly the best live performance of any track i’ve ever seen by any band/artist.

I love The Killers, a lot, I saw them twice on the same tour in the space of 4 months this year (pic opposite is from Manchester) and Dustland Fairytale is by far my favourite track from the latest album Day… Continue reading

Quickoffice iPhone App – Create Word & Excel docs On Your iPhone!

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Since writing this article in May 2009 several other apps have appeared that perform similar functions. Although Quickoffice has stood up to the competition well and is still a good app my current recommendation is actually ‘Documents To Go

Docs2Go is a Universal app so can be used on iPad too, it’s fast and very stable, here are a few of… Continue reading

Prison Break Is NOT Finished (yet) – The Final Break

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Prison Break Season Finale

Yes that’s right. Prison Break is not finished! The double episode ‘Season Finale’ which aired on Sunday in the USA and tonight on Sky 1 in the UK is not the last episode.

There is another double episode still to come!

For some reason Sky have been incredibly bad at advertising this in the UK. Continue reading

Nintendo DSi Released! Compare Prices Here!

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So the long awaited follow up to Nintendo’s popular DS and DS Lite console has finally arrived.

The Nintendo DSi was released today and boasts loads of new features including 2 cameras, an online store, built in web browser, music player and slot for SD memory cards.

I’ve just launched a price comparison site for the Nintendo DSi Continue reading